Okay… you went there. You’re braver than I am… ;) Truth …

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Okay… you went there. You’re braver than I am… 😉

Truth spoken!

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In my opinion the only time it may be necessary to completely cut off all contact with an ex is if you want nothing to do with him/her, have told him/her to leave you alone but he/she persist in contacting you. Otherwise it makes no sense to make it impossible for someone you want to contact you to contact you.

If you feel ready to try to get her back, initiate contact and see what happens.

I don’t know why she stopped talking to you again, only she can tell you why.

I can only speculate… 1) she was lonely and wanted someone to talk to, 2) after you went no contact she felt bad that she was that easy to forget and came back just to see if n/c meant you’d moved on so quickly. Once she found you still wanted to talk to her she knew she wasn’t easy to forget (mission accomplished!), or 3) she genuinely wanted to see if the two of you could work it out, and something reminded her why she broke up with you in the first place. Like I said, it’s only possible reasons.

The “why” is not important at this point, she may even not even know it herself. You’re only torturing yourself and it’ll keep you stuck and unable to truly move on.

You can’t make your ex “forget” why you broke up. You may temporary miss each other when you are not in contact, but that’s just nostalgia induced interest. Once you get back in contact, “why” you broke becomes the central focus again.

The mature approach is to deal with why you broke up, not try to “forget it”.

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