Too many miss their chance to get their ex back not because their ex does not want them back, but because:

1. They wasted too much time in “no contact”

They were told or read somewhere that they needed space and time away from their ex to heal, take control of their emotions and/or work on themselves. When they tried to get back their ex months later, they found out that too much time had passed and their ex had moved on.

2. They have not properly healed from the break-up

They are trying to get their ex back but even with the best advice and tools they kept sabotaging their own efforts. They were still in pain and the raw emotions of the break-up kept getting in the way.

3. They struggle to convince their ex that they have changed

Either their ex doesn’t believe they have changed or their ex believes that people in general don’t change.

What if I told you that you can recover from the break-up and try to get back your ex at the same? What if your ex witnessed you “change” as it happens, right in front of his or her eyes?

I wrote It’s Just A Break-Up to help with the emotions of a break-up while trying to get back your ex at the same time. Used together with Dating Your Ex, the chances of getting your ex back increase dramatically.

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