The insights, tools, and advice in the book work for someone who:

1) Just went through a break-up; and the emotions are still raw and intense.

Whether you are the dumpee or dumper, It’s Just A Break-Up will help you emotionally adjust to the end of your relationship, manage the overload of emotions and bounce back emotionally stronger and resilient.

2) Wants to move on but thinks it’s immature and emotionally unhealthy to cut off someone you once loved and cared deeply about.

With It’s Just A Break-Up you will be able to naturally and organically transition to a life without your ex, without burning the bridge behind you.

3) Is still undecided whether to let go, move on or try to get back their ex.

It’s Just A Break-Up helps you make that decision and feel good about the decision you made. You will move forward with your decision knowing it is the right decision for you.

3) Is trying to get back his or her ex.

It’s Just A Break-Up is not a book about how to get back your ex. I already have a book (Dating Your Ex) that does that. But anyone trying to get their ex back knows, undesired emotions and intrusive thoughts sometimes get in the way of trying to get back your ex, and may even cause you to lose hope. This is a book you want by your side to stop your emotions from ruining your chances. It complements Dating Your Ex perfectly.

Hardcover: coming soon!

Not available as an e-Book.