The more you “try to forget’ about something the harder …

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The more you “try to forget’ about something the harder it is to actually “forget” about it. I don’t even think that you can really “forget” about this other woman. She was part of your life’s journey, that’s permanent in memory.

It might help ease the pain if you try to focus on trying to work on your marriage because that seems to be the reason the grass appears greener on the other side.

I don’t know you or your wife, and I certainly don’t think she’s “blameless” (it takes two to make a relationship work), but your own words (“Everyime my wife complains I wish I had not left her”, “Help me learn to forget her”, “God help me ease this emotional pain”) tell me that you feel more like a victim of your circumstances than a creator of your reality.

Until you own up to being the creator of your own reality, you’ll always feel powerless and helpless.

You married young, there are MANY things you both could learn — together — that can spice up your marriage and make it feel fresh again. But if neither of you is willing to give your marriage an honest try, then get a divorce.

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Help! I’m In Love With Two Women
Friendship with the other woman while you are trying to work on your marriage might not be a good idea for the simple reason that your loyalties, energies and emotions are split between the two. That is a lot of stress for anyone since you can’t focus on either relationship. You may even end up with neither.

Part of being “an adult” is that you have to accept that sometimes you can’t have everything you want. You have to make tough choices.

Help! I’m In Love With Two Women
Although I err on the side of monogamy, I hear you!

If you don’t mind roughing it, you could move to Africa… Google one of those “tribes” where women can marry more than one man, and have “divorce” parties after kicking him to the curb…LOL

But shhhhh… don’t tell the “moral police”, they’ll send you to hell.

Help! I’m In Love With Two Women
You are right about that Joe… it’s YOUR decision. I don’t think you are right on the consequences though. So many others are going to live WITH the consequences of the decisions you make, including the children. I’m not saying choose what’s best for the children, I’m saying, it’s NOT all about you when children are involved.

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You are easy to love, Angie. It makes sense he’s back so soon.

Don’t thank me, thank YOU. Okay, me a little… 🙂

Much love back at you!

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I appreciate you asking and thank you for your support.

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I am rooting for you… 🙂

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