Do you think she’s a different person from the one …

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Do you think she’s a different person from the one who said and did all those things? I’m not talking just different because she has apologized but different in that she’s done some real deep inner work to get to the root of why she reacts that way to feeling rejected. Her telling you she’s been thinking and realizing stuff is NOT enough. Anyone can think and realize what they’ve done, very few actually do something meaningful to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

If you decide to give it another try, don’t rush back in. Chances are if she doesn’t like you “taking your time” and not responding how she wants you to, she’ll blow up again. If that happens, you know, the apologies and all that, were just so that she can get you back.

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As the article says work on letting go “some of our beliefs, assumptions, expectations and habits that are not serving us that something begins to shift — and often to our pleasant surprise.”

20 Incredible Success Stories – How I Got My Ex Back
I am glad to be of some help.
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Do Exes Remember Good Or Bad Memories?
I’m glad to be of some help.

In simple words… A response is action you take from a conscious level — with emotional composure, confidence and deliberate intention. A reaction is action driven from a sub-conscious level, usually from a place of panic, fear, anger, neediness etc.

Here is a link that might help: Are You Responding Or Reacting To Your Ex?

20 Incredible Success Stories – How I Got My Ex Back
I am happy for you, Jackie… 🙂

My hope is that someone reads this inspiring success story and sees how acting ‘too independent” hurts relationships.

Thank you!

Do Exes Remember Good Or Bad Memories?
Open and honest is risky business, but the rewards are far greater.

You didn’t ask me a question, so I’m assuming you are really not looking for my advice, but I’ll give it anyway. Disregard it if you think you don’t need it…(:

Talking about the old relationship in the very initial stages can seem like a good idea short-term, but is not something that I’d advice. You run the risk of not only dragging back all the issues of the past into the present, it also makes “starting over” impossible. You may even get back together, but it’ the same old relationship because you just continued from where things ended. Soon or later, you’ll break-up again.

You may actually have a good shot, just try to do it right.

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