I agree, it’s good manners. But trying to teach your …

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I agree, it’s good manners. But trying to teach your ex husband good manners when you failed all those years is beating a dead horse, don’t you think?

He may feel that he’s explained all he needs to or can explain but you just will not accept it. In my opinion, him “refusing to give you closure” should be closure enough. It’s not like you are his wife anymore. He doesn’t want to talk to you or see you, that’s his right.

If you seriously can’t move on, it might help to talk to a therapist.

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What’s working to your advantage is the open lines of communication. Whether it means there is interest or whether she’s being polite and friendly especially because there was no animosity before, during or after the break-up is hard to tell without any insights to why and how you drifted apart. Some differences can be resolved, and others can’t.

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I am VERY humbled by your kind words. Thank you.

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Unfortunately, no. Due to a heavy schedule, I don’t offer email coaching as a stand alone service anymore.

I offer daily EMAIL SUPPORT as a part of the on-going coaching package.

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You can’t. You have to have open lines of communication to be able to earn back an ex’s trust.

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I am happy to help. Please sign up for the coaching package that best suits you. After making payment through Paypal, use the contact form to schedule a time for our chat.

Looking forward to being of help.

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