Do You Believe In Signs From The Universe?

Question: He left 11 days ago, too many old patterns and negative energies being brought in. I’ve stayed in contact meanwhile clearing energy from myself, working on my heart chakra, actually released something that was old and getting in my way. I sent him a message to tell him about it and he said he picked it up as soon as I sent it 12.01 and that he was on a street with my last name. Do you believe in signs from the Universe?

Yangki’s Answer: Yes and No. The way I see it, if it happens once, it’s coincidence… life is full of coincidences. If it happens twice, I might pay attention.. but only if what is happening is consistent with what happened before… not just another random “sign” from the universe. If it happens the third time… e.g. I send him a message to tell him about it and he is on a street with my name… I send him another message and he in a restaurant and being served by a waitress with the same name as mine,… I send him a third message and he is getting in a street car named “Christine”… Yep, definitely a message from the universe.

But just one random “sign”… That’s a coincidence.

When you want something so bad… you’ll see all kinds of positive “signs” from the universe… and miss so many negative ” signs” from the “universe” also!

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