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Best case scenario: You text your ex “hi, remember me?… “how about dinner this Saturday?” You go out on Saturday. You have a great time. You find you are still very much attracted to each other. You decide to give the relationship another chance. You get back together. Dream come true.

But it’s not always as simple as that. You have a romantic history together and that changes the whole dynamics of contacting your ex, asking for a date, re-creating attraction and re-entering a relationship.

Your ex knows you, or at least thinks he/she knows the person he/she thinks you are. He/she is still looking at you and a future with you based on the past. He/she doesn’t know that you’ve made some changes for the better, and you now realize more than ever how important he/she is to you.

It’s because of the history with your ex that you have to start over. Start afresh…

Your ex does not want the old relationship back. As far as he/she is concerned, the old relationship ended for a reason. They don’t want it back — and frankly, neither should you.

Unfortunately, you can’t go to your ex and say, “I want us to start over” or “I want a new relationship” or even say “I have changed, can we try again?”

Your ex is not going to believe you. If you couldn’t create a better relationship when you were together, why should he/she believe you now? And why didn’t you change when you were still together?




This book is a complete contrast to everything I’ve done in the last six weeks to get back my ex. The advice is overwhelmingly positive compared to all the negative advice I’ve received. I’m excited, however not rushing to interpreting the change in her attitude. Now I’m just glad for the time we spend together. — Bert

Unlike other “get your ex” books that encourage you to avoid contact for 10 day, 30 days or 90 days, Dating Your Ex focuses almost exclusively on triggering the right emotions, making an emotional connection, and building enough emotional to move your ex to want to come back to the relationship.

Your ex’s feelings and emotions are the biggest factor in deciding whether or not to give the relationship another chance. Used in a genuine way — no manipulation and no mind games – you can create so much emotional momentum that within weeks you’re back together.

But used the wrong way — e.g. sending a random text here, making a phone call there or, waking up one day and asking your ex out on a date — emotional triggers have the potential to cause things to flare up and push your ex further away. But not used at all, you’ll end up friend-zoned or someone else will enter the picture because of lack of momentum.

You need to know what you are doing to build momentum, and move things in the right direction….

I’ve worked with couples in struggling relationships, couples trying to get back together, men and women who’ve been dumped because they acted needy and clingy, and men and women who dumped their ex because they felt smothered and suffocated. I know first hand what works and what does not work.

I’ve put all this knowledge together in a way that makes it easier to take action without too much hand wringing, and make faster progress without too much time spent over thinking and second -guessing yourself.

You’re not just working with a theory, you are have access to proven strategies, tools and knowledge gathered from years of hard work, one-on-one consultations with real people going through what you are going through, scientific research — and refining what works, how and when.

I’ll be literally holding your hand and leading you step by step. You will feel confident reaching out to your ex, maintaining contact, engaging your ex in conversation, asking him/her out, handling the “let’s get back together” conversation etc.

Even if your ex says he/she still loves you but is not in love with you, says he/she wants to take things slowly, wants to be “just friends” or if there is someone else in your ex’s life, you will know exactly how to deal with it, and press forward until you get back your ex.



Think about it… it’s been 6 weeks or may be 6 days, and your ex still hasn’t reached out to you, still won’t talk to you, still not ready to open up emotionally, still won’t initiate contact, still hasn’t warmed up to you. Why do you think that is?

Why does he/she talk to you but acts cold and distant? Why does he/she tell you that he/she loves you but still thinks the relationship can’t work? Why does he/she initiate contact with you when he/she is seeing other people or with someone else? Why’s he/she doing all those things if he/she doesn’t want you back?

Wrong questions… The right question is: Why aren’t things moving forward? Why isn’t there any momentum?

If you’re still thinking… may be its best to back away for a while… give him/her space… not contact him/her for a few weeks… do the “no contact” thing?

The longer you wait, the further apart you grow. Every day that passes, your ex’s emotions and feelings fade. They miss you less because not having you around has become their new normal. When you try to contact them after waiting for too long, they are not sure if they want to change what’s become comfortable. They may still have feeling for you but hesitate… because it means starting another new normal… and what if you again disappear?

You can erase all your ex’s fears, doubts and negative feelings about you, and build and keep unstoppable momentum by triggering emotions that create a sense of emotional security… 

This is the other major difference between Dating Your Ex and all the other approaches and methods of getting back your ex. Whether it is a text, email, phone call or face-to-face meeting… your ex will always feel that you have his/her best interests in mind, and at heart. This opens up lines of communication and sharing that you didn’t have before.

I read your book and realized that to get her back I had to learn how to emotionally connect with her. No one ever explained it to me the way you explained it. I totally get it now. We are both getting exactly what we wanted from each other. I can feel our bond growing stronger. I wholeheartedly recommend this book. It hit home on many of the topics that I’ve struggled with, or needed more info on. I think you have compiled a great resource, in a very straight forward nuts and bolts book.– Drew H. – Atlanta, Georgia, United States.

Just wanted to thank you for being the voice of sanity in a sea of stupid, bad advice for repairing broken relationships. My breakup happened because he was afraid of his feelings and commitment. Mainstream advice and all of my friends would have had me walking away from a perfectly wonderful person. Now we are back together, and I am very happy. Just wanted to say thanks. — Cate


Simply download my eBook to your computer or device, and start taking steady steps that’ll get back your ex. And if my eBook is not everything I promised and more… if it’s not what you’ve been searching for all this time, then simply contact us and we’ll make refund according to our refund policy.