Every “expert’ has his or her own explanation of the difference between coaching vs, consultation.

As always, yours truly is about simplicity ( I am like that!) and right to the point.

Sign up for a consultation if you are not sure if you:

1) want your ex back or not;
2) whether you should try to get back your ex or not;
3) even have a chance or not.

In consultation, I work with you to give you more clarity and point you to the right direction with new insights, new possibilities and choices.

Sign up for coaching if you are sure you want your ex back and need help/advice on how to go about getting back your ex.

In coaching, I work with you to come up with the best possible step/action or plan of action and support you in implementing it.
Sometimes there is a little bit of consultation in coaching, and a little bit of coaching in consultation. That’s how you and I, together get the best results!