How To Take It Slow And Get Your Ex Back

how-to-take-it-slow-and-get-back-your-ex-stepsIf you are reading this article it means that you’ve probably heard or read that taking it slow is the best approach to getting back your ex.

But what does taking it slow with your ex really mean?

Taking it slow in anything means slowing the pace at which things are moving forward so that you can go further much. When it comes to getting back your ex, taking it slow means that instead of rushing through the process, you take one small step, see it’s impact and then take the next small step.

It means constantly asking yourself, “What can I say or do that might move my ex the smallest step towards where he/she needs to be able to make a decision to get back together?”

Last but not least, taking it slow means not rushing the other person to a decision (any decision) until he/she is ready to make one.

The most important part of taking things slow with your ex is “moving forward”. If there is no movement because you are giving him/her ” space”, you are not taking it slow. You are foot-dragging, hesitating on taking necessary action and missing opportunities to change things.

Taking it slow ensures that you are not getting far ahead of your ex’s feelings for you. It ensures that you are not putting an enormous amount of pressure on your ex.

By taking small steps, you are not only able to see the impact of your words and actions, it also allows you to course-correct before things reach the point of no return.

The problem is if neither of you has any experience “taking things slow” or if one or both of you has a history of jumping into a relationships headfirst — talking for hours on the first day or contact, and spending too much time together time right away — you might want to take things slow but not know how.

Some of the things you can do include:

1. Do not “actively” try to get back together for say a month or two depending on what stage of the process you are in. Don’t talk about the past (old relationship) and don’t talk about the future (getting back together). Just focus o the present and getting to know each other all over. This is especially effective if one of you has reservations about trying the relationship again, or even staying in contact.

2. Don’t just go out on spur of the moment especially if you have very strong sexual attraction. Instead plan when to go out. For example, plan on going on a date 2 weeks or a month from now if everything goes okay. If that goes well too, plan on another date if things keep going well… and so forth.

3. Don’t start drastically changing your life just because things are going well at the moment. Do all the things you’ve been doing to make your life full and happy on your own, and schedule the “new relationship” with your ex to fit in, instead of the other way around.

4. Do things that friends would do together (see: 3 Ways Being Friends Can Get Back Your Ex).

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  • My ex and I decided to take things slow but I’m getting so many mixed signals from her that I don’t know what to do anymore. She texts saying she misses the way we were before and a few days later she says she’s not sure about us. I’m willing to take things slow but I at least want to know which direction we are going in. I don’t want to be making all the effort only for her to walk away. May be I’m being cynical but I believe she is using me for her own selfish needs. I’m close to telling her to sort herself out or take a walk. Does that make sense? Please help.

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    • Yes, it makes sense. You want to figure out sooner rather than later where things are headed, and that’s healthy. But I also suspect that you’re somehow convinced she’s going to walk for sure and for you it’s better now than later. My experience is that if someone feels strongly things will not work out, they are usually right.

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    • Yes, it makes sense. You want to figure out sooner rather than later where things are headed, and that’s healthy. But I also suspect that you’re somehow convinced she’s going to walk for sure and for you it’s better now than later. My experience is that if someone feels strongly things will not work out, they are usually right.

      Instead of getting all frustrated about her not making up her mind, you spend that energy trying to figure out what it is exactly that she’s ambivalent about, that’s if you want this relationship to work. Someone can love you but sit on the face for a reason… and as long as that “reason” still exists, they’ll sit there torn between their love for you and 1) something you say/do that they are particularly not happy about or 2) their needs/wants/desires not met by the relationship.

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  • Your advice has definitely helped me a lot. I have been able to remain calm and not put pressure on her or talk about what happened. I just focused on what has been going on in her life, making an emotional connection and being honest with everything. Although we are not back together, she says she sees I have changed and are more positive. I wouldn’t have been able to change the way that she views me had I not come across your blog and book. I want you to know you are always appreciated. Thank you so much.

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    • I think you are on the right track. Changing the way your ex views you is the most important part of getting back together.

      Don’t worry too much about when you’ll get back together, keep taking the right steps and things will fall into place.

      All the very best!

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    • It’s always good to read stories like yours. I accept the thanks but as they say, any advice is only as good as the person using it.

      You made it happen for you. I am rooting for you… 🙂

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  • My story is similar except that I was the one who emotionally checked out of the relationship. When she saw that I wasn’t there for her, she stopped caring as well. We finally broke up, she did the breaking up. That’s when I realized how much I really loved my ex. I’ve since then apologized and doing everything to show her that I have changed (I’m following your book). She says she sees that I have changed and part of her wants to give us another chance, but she’s afraid of getting hurt again. How do I get her to the next step?

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    • Looks like she’s leaning more towards “yes” than “no”. Using the guidelines for the “trial period”, see if you can get her to agree to a couple of months “trial period”, and follow the steps on implementing this period.

      If she agrees to it, and you handle things well, she’ll eventually say “yes”.

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  • I do feel like we are “just friends” at this point, but I do not want to push too hard and push her away. She knows I still have feelings for her, but if I push hard, she will off contact. Right now we have some contact which is good. I have also invited her out a couple of times and she has said yes both times but she was kind of acting distant. I had half-expected this. It’s been 6 months and I’m just not sure where to go from here. I think my best option is to just wait and hope that things change.

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    • Things will not change without you doing anything to change them. I think that your problem is not that you do not know what to do, your greatest obstacle is that you are too afraid to take any action because you are afraid of losing her.

      I’ve seen so many men and women like you, tip-toe around their ex for months, only to be told “I met someone else”… then the same people get upset that they were led on/used.

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      • Yangki. Thank you so much. I believe that No Contact doesnt work at all. Instead of making the heart grow fonder, it makes the heart find another. When my ex tried to communicate with me I immediately reached out to her. We are now seeing each other, having over nights and stuff… And we are still intimate. I guess all you need to do is prove to them that you can always do better.

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      • You are right. You need to prove that you can always do better, be better. You can’t do that when you are not talking to each other.

        I hope you can make it work this time around. All the best.

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