Could be either, but my bet is on playing games. …

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Could be either, but my bet is on playing games.

Why don’t you ask her straight up why she texts you when she’s with the other guy. If it’s because she’s thinking of you, her response may be coy, but it’ll be something sweet. If she’s just playing games, she’ll get defensive and/or act up (they always do when backed into a corner).

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5 Common Signs A Man Or Woman Is Playing You
I wasn’t talking about “confronting” him. In my opinion, “confront” implies an accuser and a defendant, one who’s right and one who’s wrong, a winner and a loser, etc. Most situations when approached with that kind of mindset don’t end well.

I’m talking about being open with him about how you feel without making it look like he’s done something wrong. For all you know at this point, it’s probably just your issues… nothing is going on.

Will he get upset or pull away? May be. But keeping things in actually causes more damage than getting it out in the open.

When you keep it in, it eats at you and one day it comes out in ways you had not planned or can handle. An argument or fight begins. Things get out of hand. Often times at this point, it’s too late to do any thing to make things better.

Planning before hand, how and when you bring it out in the open gives you better control of yourself and of the conversation. But more importantly, you get to address the issue before it gets to the point when it’s too late to do anything.

Most people appreciate you expressing your concerns in a reasonable rationale way than acting irrationally or sneaking behind their back.

5 Common Signs A Man Or Woman Is Playing You
Let me address what jumps at me first. Are you trying to “win” (justify your suspicions) or trying to create a loving sustainable relationship? If you are looking for evidence prove that you were right to look into his phone the first time, then this is not about a gut feeling, but about YOU.

That said, you obviously don’t trust your ex, and may be you have good reason not to. But instead of doing what didn’t work before (snoop around), why not go to him with your concerns and let him deny or confirm them. Of course he may deny it even when there is something going on, but if you go with an open mind, you can tell a lot from his reaction.

Make your decision based on whether you want to continue in a relationship where you can’t trust someone and they aren’t doing anything to address your concerns, or accept that you can’t control what your ex does, and try to find how to be at peace with what you can’t control.

5 Common Signs A Man Or Woman Is Playing You
Then you decide whether you want to pursue her knowing she’s with someone else and will probably be with him for a while, or you want to cut your loses now and go graze elsewhere.

Let me guess… your next question will be “is it possible to get your ex when she’s with someone else?”

I’ll save us both the time and effort…(:

YES! Very possible. More complicated and sometimes takes much longer than situations where there is no one else in the picture. But yes, it happens a lot more than you know.

If 1) the relationship with the other person is not serious, 2) your ex is okay with you pursing her when she’s with someone else (e.g. he/she responds positively) and 3) you have the patience and mental focus to do it. Playing second fiddle is not for everyone.

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I am glad to be of some help.
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I’m glad to be of some help.

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I am happy for you, Jackie… 🙂

My hope is that someone reads this inspiring success story and sees how acting ‘too independent” hurts relationships.

Thank you!

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