First of all, very few exes end a relationship saying: …

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First of all, very few exes end a relationship saying: ‘I am breaking up with you but I am sure I will change my mind and want you back’. Very few.

Over 90% honestly believe that it is over and thy are not changing their minds. Most change their minds because the dynamic changed and they can see the relationship can be better.

What I am saying is, as long as the lines of communication are still open, there is always a possibility he’ll change his mind. It is who you become (new you) and what you do to make the relationship FEEL and BE new and better that makes all the difference.

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4 Strong Signs Your Break-Up Isn’t Final – Pt. 2
It sounds like it. Why else would he tell you he now feels he would be in a better position to be with you and doesn’t feel like seeing other people. I would even go further than “rethinking the breakup” to say he is thinking of the two of you getting back together.

If nothing happens to make him think getting back together may not be a good idea after all, I think you’ll get back together very soon.

Make sure you start over and create a new relationship. In your kind of situation, it’s very easy to fall back to the old relationship and have him again say he wants to date other people or come up with some other reason to break-up again.

Ms. Independent. Hmm, I like… 🙂

4 Strong Signs Your Break-Up Isn’t Final – Pt. 2
It is mixed signals alright. It happens when someone still has feelings for you but doesn’t think or is not sure the relationship can work.

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Most of the time, it’s something you learn early in life. Cold and self centered kind of becomes your “default” traits. Some people continue it into adulthood because it’s either the only way they know how to or there is some sort of “reward” for them being cold and self centered (why would they want to change?).

Since it’s something that was learned – whatever can be learned can be unlearned. The only exception – at least from what I read – is if something happened to your brain to cause you not to be able to have/experience certain feelings the way the rest of us do, then you need more than just “unlearning” the behaviour. Other than that, if you really want to change, you CAN CHANGE!

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Thank you for giving us a peak into your heart and soul… simply beautiful.

You are an inspiration!

The Break-Up Has Happened… It’s REAL… Now What?
Thank you for your very kind words, Melissa.

I was hoping (more like anxious) that I would be able to pass on the “sasa” (expectant waiting) concept without losing the reader. Your comment tells me I somehow did what I set out to accomplish.

There is only so much you can put into a relationship before you start getting diminished returns on your investments. Hopefully your ‘new” relationship with your ex or with someone new will be more balanced.

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This could be because you still want her as your girlfriend and not as a friend. Until you reach that point where you “let go” hoping there will be a relationship of more than friends, it’ll be hard to get to being friends. Best advice is 1) be honest with your ex, friendship may be possible in the future, but right now you just can’t do it and 2) don’t try too hard to be her friend. Friendships are best when they just happen naturally.

The Break-Up Has Happened… It’s REAL… Now What?
Knowing when to act, when to let go and how to let go and let be just about sums It’s Just A Break-Up!

I am humbled to know that you are not just reading the book for yourself, but will pass it along to your daughter…

I completely understand (personal experience) wanting to “pain-proof” our children, but sometimes some pain is necessary (and healthy) for emotional growth, if we know how to use pain to grow….

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