20 Incredible Success Stories – How I Got My Ex Back

i-got-my-ex-back-success-storiesIn my article: Do Exes Really Ever Come Back? I said yes, exes do indeed come back, and briefly explained why and how.

A few of you left me comments still wondering if it’s really possible to get one’s ex back. For anyone who still has doubts, I have compiled below a list of success stories left by readers of this site who got back their ex. I have linked to actual readers comments so you can see that these stories are from people just like you.

I have longer email stories some posted on Success Stories, but I thought actual words from readers just like you might be a little more encouraging (to those feeling discouraged) since they are unsolicited.

In the comments of several articles, you’ll find more stories of people who got back together and those in various stages of getting back together. I just got lazy and couldn’t to go through all the 5,000 plus comments.

Hopefully this will encourage you to keep trying, to not give up, to give love a chance.

It DOES happen… and it can happen to you!

1. Anja’s success story – “I started all over again to slowly build our relationship. Step by step, day after day things got better and better. I finally created enough momentum to ask him if he wanted to get back together. He said yes…” Read More

2. Rez’s success story –  “I had learned from past mistakes and specifically asked to keep the lines of communication open. This time it took 3 months to get her back…” Read More

3. Kym’s success story – “We have been back together for a month and things couldn’t be better. Our communication is so much better and more open. Of course there is no such a thing as a perfect relationship but this time is close…” Read More

4. Aisha’s success story – “We’re officially back together after 7 months apart. We’re still learning how to talk about everything that happened and what caused our problems…” Read More

5. Lee’s success story – “After a month of very light contact and another month of the two step forward-one step back dance, I built up enough emotional momentum for us to agree to start over…” Read More

6. Tyler’s success story – “We started back out as friends a year and a half after we initially split. We certainly weren’t looking to get back together and nor did it come up. It happened without words…” Read More

7.  Ricco’s success story – “My ex started to show interest in me again once the rebound wore off. We started slow and after a month we got back together…” Read More

8. Kayla’s success story – “He and I decided to give us another chance. We’re both going into it cautiously but we realize we love each other too much to give up on us now….” Read More

9. Eliz’s success story – ” My ex broke up with me because he didn’t feel the same love for me as I felt for him. We spent a lot of time talking about how to improve the relationship. We are back together but still taking it slow…” Read More

10. May’s success story – “After two months of desperately trying to hold on, I accepted the breakup and let go. Slowly but surely he started to text more. We eventually got back together and 2 months counting still together…” Read More

11. Tivett’s success story – “Start of September he finally admitted that he still had strong feelings for me and was willing to give us another chance. Technically we are back together…” Read More

12. Lucia’s success story – “His rebound relationship ended within a month and mine after 2 months. I texted him first and we started dating again. Two weeks later we got back together and have never been happier…” Read More

13. Antoine’s success story – “My ex came back after 6 months of trying to get her back. Within just over a month of open emotional connection her attitude towards me changed. I focused on creative ideas on how to create positive feelings and things changed for the better…” Read More 

14. Pat’s success story – “I wasn’t there for my ex and I needed her to see that I had made positive changes in my life to better myself.  To cut the long story short, we have decided to get back together…” Read More

15. Cece’s success story – “I got my ex back after 8 long months of hard work. We were together for 5 years and have a child together. With hard work and patience, I won him back… Read More

16. Matt’s success story – “I got back together with my ex. This was after 5 months of maintaining steady contact…” Read More

17. Ed’s success story – “i am happy to report shes back!…” Read More

18. Ashkar’s success story – “Last mo. my ex and I got back together. I’m so grateful to you in ways that you’ll never know…” Read More

19. Kes’s success story – “I ended up getting back my ex by talking and solving our problems…” Read More

20. Ally’s success story – “Slowly he started to come around and yesterday we got back together…” Read More

Did you get back with your ex and have a success story to share? Please share it in the comments. Encourage others and be part of something greater than all of us, LOVE.

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  • Yangki, my situation is similar to Jackie’s. My ex says he still loves me but feels bad because he has tried to make me happy and failed. For a long time I blamed him for giving up on us. People were advising me that he is selfish and until I found your site I believed he was selfish and did not want to try the relationship again. Four days ago I reached out to him after telling him I needed space. he responded and since then we have been talking and he is opening up to me about how he feels when I complain about him not doing enough. I apologized and told him he tried his best but I was not letting him be. We have agreed to start as friends and take things slowly. Your advice is very helpful Yangki. Thank you.

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  • Yangki, I found your site through and article you wrote about teaching people how they treat you. It made sense as why my ex didn’t think he could make me happy. He kept telling me he still loved me but doesn’t know if he can make me happy. After reading your articles on letting people love us, I explained to him that I didn’t let him love me because I was trying to control how he loved me. He thanked me and said that’s exactly how he felt. I started asking for his help on my renovations projects and also advice on problems at work, and he showed he very much wanted to do things for me. We grew closer and that’s what eventually got us back together. I still find myself afraid to tell him how I feel or ask for what I want, but it’s slowly becoming a part of me. Thank you for showing me how my energy was pushing someone I love away.

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    • I am happy for you, Jackie… 🙂

      My hope is that someone reads this inspiring success story and sees how acting ‘too independent” hurts relationships.

      Thank you!

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  • Hi Yangki, you probably don’t remember me. We spoke in April this year by phone and you helped me understand why my ex felt that he had no more feelings for me. You told me to focus on creating the environement where he felt emotional safe and reintroduce myself to him as a better version of me. I followed your advice and also the advice in your book. After 4 months of me being consistent we got back together. I did mess up last month because I became needy again, but was able to course correct right away. Is till come to your site because I want to make sure we work. I love this guy with all my heart and happy that he is back in my life. You probably hear this all the time, thank you for all the help you provide.

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    • I am so happy for you. I don’t know why but this touched deep. Thank you sooo much.

      You’ll be okay. I wish you so much love.

      I am not tearing up… I am not tearing up… I am not tearing up…

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  • I can’t say mine is a success story but close. My ex was resolute in her decision not to take me back. Said she was done and wanted me to move on and date other women, she didn’t want to lead me on etc. Knowing my ex as I do, it was highly unlikely that she’d change her mind. I was looking for how to move on when I happened on this site. Suddenly I had some glimmer of hope. I reached out to her one more time, polite at first then told me again she doesn’t want to lead me on. I had read Yangki’s book to say I know what I am getting myself into and it was my decision to make. She said ok. Over the course of 5 weeks mostly me initiating at first, then her opening up and starting to initiate I can honestly say there has been a full u-turn from her initially saying she wanted me to move on to now. I know I still have some work to do, but I am very happy with where things are now.

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  • Wow!After my lover decided he wants space in Sept.I visited your website and got lots of good advice.I started talking to him calmly and emotionally connecting and gradually moved to our r/ship.He responded positively and Oct 3.He decided that he wants us to give things a try.Now things are better than ever and we’re even talking marriage.
    thanks alot yanki

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    • Congratulations… 🙂

      It’s tempting to take credit but we both know advice is only as good as the person using it. YOU did it!

      I hope things continue getting better and better. All the VERY best.

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  • We dated for a year and broke up three times. First breakup was for a couple of days, the second one lasted a month but this last time too much longer. She was tired of breaking up and didn’t want the same relationship. She was also adamant we stay in contact and work through our issues and pointed me to this site which I read like an addict. I learned a lot and made many changes and she did the same. We have decided to give the relationship another chance but not really back together. We talk every day with several texts a day, go out on dates and spend weeks together. You can say we’re on a trial period. We’re talking it slow and not rushing anything.

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    • If it helps, 99% of trial periods end up with “back together” if you follow the advice in Dating Your Ex book on how to do it right.

      I am happy for you.. 🙂

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  • I have a successful story about how I got my ex back. We were broken up for 5 months. No contact for a week but felt bad about it and contacted him. We started slow, I texted him he replied sometimes but then he started replying more and also initiating it. I asked to talk on the phone he said yes, then I asked to go on a date he said yes. After the first date everything changed. He was initiating most of the contact and asking me on a date. I did all the things Yangki advices and kept it slow with no pressure and a month ago we got back together. I can honestly say dating my ex was the happiest weve ever been. Were so in love its hard to believe we had been broken up.

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    • Congratulations, and thanks for posting your story.

      Dating your ex before getting back together is not only a lot of fun, it also lays a foundation for a long term relationship. I just wish more people understood that the way you did. Most rush to “let’s get back together” with no foundation, and either the ex says no, or they get back together and a few weeks/months later break-up again.

      All the very best!

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  • I am so thankful for this site. My girl and I were trapped in cycles: she wanted space to figure out if she wanted to be in the relationship or not, which freaked me out and led me to cling on harder, which led her to pull away more — to the point where it seemed we were on the verge of going no contact. Reading the articles on this site made me realize I needed to get control of my impulses, go slow, and follow her lead. We are not all fixed yet, and I know there will be hard days still ahead, but tonight she called me on the phone and said “I love you” at the end of the call.

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  • I have a success story. 5 years together, broke up due to poor communication, kept contact for 4 months while both of us working on issues separately, started dating again end of February, got back two weeks ago. So far so good.

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