No, YOU saved your relationship. I have often wondered …

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No, YOU saved your relationship.

I have often wondered what happened after you completed the course. I’m glad things are amazing…(:

I’m still working out a platform for “happy” stories like yours. I’ll be contacting you once I have that sorted out. In the meantime, please keep sharing and encouraging others not to give up without a “good” fight.

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10 Ways Your Ex Feels Rejected By You
I’m happy for you…(: Giving your ex the opportunity to exercise his/her own ability to give (his/her own way), changes the dynamics of a relationship. Sometimes that’s hard because many of us fear that the other person may not be able to give or may not want to give, and so we give way too much or compromise way too much to try to “save” the relationship.

You will never know if you are with a person who is incapable of giving or doesn’t want to give (or even loves you) if you do not let them show who they really are. As I discuss in the course, if you are always trying to “control” things because of your own fears, you end up carrying the relationship all by yourself.

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Why Your Ex Doesn’t Want to See You
I think you are right. You may have moved too quickly and he pulled back. See if you can move more slowly than you did before. Don’t ask for another meet-up until you have some kind of momentum, or at least feel that he’s opening up to you again.

20 Incredible Success Stories – How I Got My Ex Back
I am happy for you, Matti and thank you for sharing your success story. I hope that your story gives someone hope that things may work out one day.

3 Reasons Staying Friends With Your Ex Is Good For Getting Back Together
There is such a thing. That said, I do admit that it’s quite rare in today’s relationship environment for exes to part ways with little or no animosity. My personal opinion is that too many people become “romantic” without necessarily cultivating “friendship” and when the romance dies, there is nothing else left but anger and resentment.

Friendship helps them weather the rough patches, navigate hurt emotions, and maintain friendship long after the romantic relationship ends. Friendship also provides a foundation for a new romantic relationship.

What “You Teach People How to Treat You” Means
As the article says work on letting go “some of our beliefs, assumptions, expectations and habits that are not serving us that something begins to shift — and often to our pleasant surprise.”

20 Incredible Success Stories – How I Got My Ex Back
I am glad to be of some help.
Please keep us updated.

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