10 Emotional Triggers Your Ex Needs To Feel – No.4

4-trigger-positive-emotions-in-your-ex-aweEmotion #4 – Awe

Fredrickson describes the emotion of awe as self-transcendent and often experienced as being fascinated and overwhelmed by greatness or goodness.

Many studies have linked the emotion of awe to a variety of health benefits including a boost to our immune system. There are also studies that show that people tend to be kinder and more generous when in awe or after experiencing something awe-inspiring.

Sounds wonderful and all, but how do you trigger awe in your ex?

This is where dating someone you dated before has some benefits. You know your ex, what they are into and what things fascinate and move them.

For example:

  • if both of you are into spirituality – exchange ideas/discuss a book you recently came across, meditation exercise or spiritual teachings of someone you both admire etc.
  • if you are into photography – share photographs of nature’s beauty or take a walk in the park, or just sit quietly gazing at the sunset or stars at night.
  • if you both have a deep connection to art – instead of a dinner date, visit a museum, exhibition or street music festival etc.
  • if you are into music – share Youtube videos or listen to music together etc.

The goal is to try and share as many goose-bump moments as possible, and experience something greater than both of you. It may take your minds off from the negativity of the situation, and help both of you act more generously towards each other.

I have found working with clients that triggering the emotion of awe is easier for some people than others, but it’s worth a try. You want to trigger as many desirable emotions as possible and if you have a chance to trigger awe, go for it. You never know, it may move both of you to a different place in your relationship.

Many of my clients have gotten back together as a result of feeling that they both grew spiritually and through exchange of texts and ideas developed a stronger bond. I’ve also had clients who got back together after realizing that they both had strong interest in nature and wanted to travel and see the world together.

Emotion #5 – Joy

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